The contemporary imperative for underground solutions of today for the urban environment, for transportation, water supply, sanitation, energy generation and transmission, has resulted in Underground Works becoming a growing field of engineering and law. It involves unique risks which require specialist attention. In particular, risks arising from the following present themselves:

    • Varied subsurface physical conditions which are not possible to assess with precision in advance of the Works Contract;
    • The method of excavation and ground support;
    • Limited access to the Works, often placing serious constraints on construction logistics and the environment;
    • Ownership of the land beneath the Works typically belonging to a number of third parties;
    • Substantial investment required for Contractor’s Equipment; and
    • The complexity of Underground Works

The Founding Members of Underground Works Chambers offer a unique range of combined specialist expertise to manage the risks and provide a safer contractual space in which the works can be carried out to successful completion and operation.

Between them they hold qualifications in technology, engineering and construction law, science, civil and geotechnical engineering and in underground construction works.

They adhere to the high standards of professional conduct of their respective professions.

Our CVs can be found HERE